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GrowSis(9B Inland Empire,CA)June 21, 2013

Hello All

This is a survey question and I would like to have as many respondents as possible. For years I used to spend close to $1000 a year on floral arrangements for the cemetery. I don't know if those days will ever return but if they do they definitely don't exist now. So given that I am the indoor sort, what could I grow on my patio in containers that would provide me with fresh flowers preferably year round (if not then at least fully in bloom and ready for harvest from March through July/September). And if I need to harvest say six times a year, would I need to grow six pots, three large ones? These flowers must be colorful, good head size, and super easy to grow. I'm good with water and fert and not much more fussing. I've got unlimited sun. What do you think? I also like very wide blade leafy greens (lemon leaf but even larger is better) to put in the arrangement but I don't know how easy those are to grow so that might be beyond my capabilities.

Flowers I used to buy: Lily/Stargazer (love), gerber daisies, calla lily, roses.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

I think it all depends on the cemetery's rules. In doing genealogy research and visiting many cemeteries gathering information off tombstones and my personal experience with where my loved ones are buried. Some cemeteries will not allow you to plant anything that would be permanent because it would interfere with the maintainence/lawn mowing, weed wacking jobs. What type of tombstone are you referring to? Does the tombstone have some ledge where a pot of flowers can sit? If it is one that there is just a flat stone plaque, you may not be able to put anything like that. Most well kept cemeteries have a specific day that they go along and take all plants/flowers off the gravesites. Where my parents are buried in NC, it is a very large cemetery and Tuesday seems to be their day for cleaning off the graves. If you put fresh flowers in their bronze vase on Sunday, they will be removed on Tuesday. National cemeteries have very strict rules, they post large signs what is allowed and what is not, and they don't want any fresh flowers put on at certain times of the year, as they freeze and probably the gravesites are not maintained as often in the winter months except probably certain holidays. But in winter, you can only put on silk or artificial flowers anyway because fresh ones will just freeze and you've wasted your money.

I would say check with the rules of the cemetery. Are you close to the cemetery so that if you put on fresh flowers that you can go back in a few days and removed the flower arrangement as they have died back. I always fill up a 1/2 gal milk jug and take along fresh water to fill up the vase.

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GrowSis(9B Inland Empire,CA)

Hi Pippi:

Yes. I can put cut flowers year round and they have a certain day of the week they clear the grounds but I put them anyway.

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