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happymrshApril 5, 2010


I hope you'll offer some suggestions for our new place. First let me apologize that the only photo is with a truck in front!

Zone: 7b

Exposure: Due east

Problem: No gutters, so there's a strip of exposed clay ringing the house. I assume this affects which plants I can select. Satisfactory drainage.

Concern: The windows are only about 3ft off the ground and I don't want to obscure them.

Dedication level: I believe in selecting plants that only grow to the size you want (read: I hate pruning, so I choose well to start :)) I work in the yard because I take pride in my house being among the best-looking on the block, but I don't really enjoy it. I do take pleasure changing containers with the seasons.

Available for free: divided hostas from our old house, if you say they'd suit

The builder planted ligustrum and loropetalum, and since there's no telling which varieties he used, I'll move them to the back woodline where they can get as wild as they want.

All I really know is that I want a crepe myrtle on the corner of the house, in line with where my husband's standing. After that, I'm open to your suggestions.

The builder did sculpt a nice curved bed in the front - I'll need to pull it out from the house a little further on the left corner to accommodate the crepe. The bed visible in front of the porch is about 3ft deep, the strip between the porch and parking pad is about 5ft deep. I hope you can get that that's just a square parking pad and the bed and grass are on the other side of the truck.

I know there's discussion about when/if foundation plants are necessary. I'm afraid I don't know much about the topic and would appreciate your insight.

Thanks for your suggestions and ideas.

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Short and little maintenace would be junipers for the front bed. A taller columnar tree to distract from the neighbors house would be great too.

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