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mswillis5April 19, 2013

I am posting a picture from last year. We didn't like the bushes out front so all of them are removed right now. We are looking for design advice so that we can have it looking better. I will try and post a picture tomorrow of the current setup. Any advice would be great.

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For your next picture, back up a little so you can include the whole front yard and take it from a more central position such as straight out from the front door. It makes it easier to understand what it is that you have. Tell where you are located, also.

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Nice looking small ranch. Zone 8?

Looks like slab foundation, unlikely to have a basement. House faces north yo NW, front in shade until late afternoon. NE corner of the lot is the high side, SW corner the low side with an average slope of 3 to 6%; unlikely to have a drainage problem that would be hard to fix.

Trees in back may provide shade in the morning; lots of sun in the afternoon. Hard to tell what kind of trees, maybe one of the oaks that holds leaves longer along with some elms?

With the drive on the high side, does the drive slope toward the street or have a slight dip in it between street and house?

As Yardvaark says, more photos would be helpful.

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