repotting to gritty in the heat of summer?

stropharia(8b louisiana)June 22, 2011

Hi everyone,

Earlier this year, I repotted a kumquat (see this thread) and a Meyer's lemon into gritty mix, and they have responded very positively. The kumquat has now set over thirty fruits, and the lemon has five! They've also put out some new growth. I'll post some pictures once it stops raining.

Anyway, I had such great success, but never had time to get around to my other two citrus (blood orange & variegated lemon) before it warmed up. I know that it's best to repot in the spring, and even then the plants need to be sheltered from direct sun and wind. I'm wondering if it would be better to repot the two trees soon while it's still hot and let them grow into the gritty before winter, or let them sit in the heavy nursery soil until next spring. I could bring them inside next to a south-facing window if necessary.

Other possibly useful info:

-The orange put out tons of new growth during the spring, then a lot of it was damaged by a freak hail storm. It put out a little more growth after, and has recovered from the hail damage just fine. No flowers or fruit.

-The variegated lemon flowered a lot through the spring and early summer, dropping most of its fruit immediately. A few fruit stuck around for up to 2 weeks before also dropping. It stopped flowering a few weeks ago and put out new growth at 3 or 4 locations, with many leaves, all of which are much larger than the older leaves. It seems to have about finished this growth spurt (and has started flowering again), but I'm not that familiar with the frequency.

Thanks for any advice!

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While it is true Citrus grow year around, they do not grow at the same rate, year around. I would leave them as they are until next spring. Al

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stropharia(8b louisiana)

Cool, thanks for the suggestion. I guess I just feel bad for them, having to sit in that thick potting mix for so much longer!

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