garden along fence to block out construction behind house

AddlesaurusRexApril 1, 2012

Recently the bulk of the beautiful forest behind my house has been destroyed to make way for a new development. Color me devastated. My back fence is long and in full sun for the most part. I'm looking for a way to plant along the back fence to maybe block out the eye sore of that is the development being built. I don't want anything that's going to be too huge...i thought maybe some bushes or trees? I also looked into some climbing plants maybe clematis? I'm totally useless as a house wife/ adult but i suppose now is a good time to start trying lol. Please help me! I live in TN, just in case any suggestions are regional specific. Thank you!!

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You really need to post some pics that show the context and situated conditions.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Main questions: how much space do you have to work with (specifically depth from house to fence, but also approximate length) and are you looking up or down hill at this development? Or is it just flat?

Pictures might help, but you can get info if you just give us information too.

Karin L

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