Front of 2 storey townhouse

kaybee01(6A)April 21, 2011

I have a 2 storey townhouse so very little space in front for planting. Approx size available for planting is 3feet deep x 5 feet long. Not much room!! I have full sun first thing in morning until about 3pm and its hot here in the summer. Any advice on what to plant is greatly appreciated. Right now the area is surrounded by rail way ties which I plan to get rid of and put blocks down maybe in a semi-circle design up to sidewalk.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I think we need more information.

Is the actual planting area 3' x 5', or does that space include the blocks you expect to add? If the latter, how wide are the blocks?

What's on the sides of the bed: house, lawn, sidewalk, something else?

Do you have a height preference or limit (for instance, a window you don't want to cover)?

What do you want to see in the winter: something green, bare branches, or snow-covered earth?

If there are flowers, what color(s) do you prefer?

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karinl(BC Z8)

Those questions kind of imply a promise of a response that will actually recommend plants, and I think the OP is best warned that this forum rarely engages on plant selection specifically but on the general design/layout/profile of the area, maybe specifying plant shape/type for you to look for at the nursery.

We do need more information to say what might look good in any case, whatever level of detail we offer. What your gardening persona is, and what your house looks like (eg, low windows) and what you have to contend with from the neighbour, so a photo wouldn't hurt. If you have a free account on a photohosting site like Photobucket you can copy the HTML tag of your photo and post it into the body of your message here. It should show up when you hit preview.

Otherwise, a description of those things.


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