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reyesuela(z7a)May 14, 2012

Well, we have the large and small plantings in, starting with the foundation shrubs. We have the hardscape in, too--a whimsical path wandering through the garden that visits a square patio, ducks under an arbor, and crosses a stream that goes to the pond before ending up at the potager garden.

Now all we need to do is build the house and porch!

Pictures soon, while you think about that....


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I am so glad you have your priorities in the right order!!

My favorite project was built that way; garden first and house second. It was impressive how many people working on the house enjoyed the garden on their lunch breaks!

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Well, my mother's in the guest room with the cords I use to download pics, but here's a photo of the garden in construction a few weeks ago.

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Looks like you have some 1st class help there!! She'll remember working with you long after the house is built!! Enjoy many happy times in your back yard. Hey, put up a tent & camp out!! Looks like some great trees to shade things too.

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Sorry, it was a joke!!! This is her fairy garden, which was the project I was talking about--it's missing its house! I couldn't post the photo showing the "hardscaping."

She's had a blast planting everything, and she waters it every day. She scattered some annual seeds in there, including some alpine strawberries in the "potager." I've heard they can be tricky to get to germinate--nothing's up yet, but hopefully a few will germinate.

The REAL house is about 40' behind me--this photo is taken from the front yard looking out toward the street. You can't see a hunk of it because there's a slope toward the street at the end--the only part that's mostly finished.

This year, I'm attacking the 100' driveway beds, I made a shade garden under a tree (you can only see a bench in the photo, plus some containers that I hadn't yet planted that I was using to hold forsythia babies I was giving away), my son and the next door neighbor's kid built a fountain under my direction....and it looks like nothing's changed.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Ah, the small sweet pleasures of childhood's vivid imagination. :)

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