Plant suggestions?

kissingfrogs2003June 26, 2012

Hello all!

I am moving into a new place IN CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS and everything is perfect...except the patio :( because I am on the first floor there is an approximately 4.5 foot tall privacy fence made of solid wood. See the bottom units in the picture below for an idea. To make matters worse, I will be getting Eastern sun exposure.

I know I can use a planter box on the outside of the fence for herbs but space will be tight. Can anyone make suggetions of how to best use this space AND what plants are best? I will for sure be doing basil and rosemary.

Also, anyway to get plants growing on the INSIDE of this space? I prefer edible things (e.g. herbs, veggies, fruit) and I am not opposed (or unfamiliar) with purchasing seeds for dwarf varieties. I can do flowers, but prefer things I can eat over just look at. Any plant suggestions?

Any and all info will be helpful!! I just got the hang of container gardening this year on my beautiful full sun patio and now feel like a total newbie again :(

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If you are light limited, you will be limited mostly to leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, swiss chard and kale. Many herbs can grow in low light.

Forget about tomatoes, peppers and fruits for the most part. There may be some dwarf varieties that may work such as Tiny Tims for example but you'll have to experiment to see what works and what's worthwhile.

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zackey(GA 8b)

Can you put up hanging baskets? They might get more light. I found a topsy turvy strawberry planter that has 14 holes on the sides and one on the bottom. Not too keen on putting one on the bottom, but that type of planter might work for you. I would try a tomato and a pepper just to see how they do. Maybe a cherry tomato?

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Three foot tall table might help

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Inside shelving mounted on fence for elevating containers ?
I think it's about or shortly after 1 PM when you took the pic keeping in mind morning full sun isn't the same as mid later day full sun you may have a better part to full shade then a full sun a big perk is keeping any plants you choose cooler during the heat of the day...
Off a bit from your intended topic but ask about a community gardening area or maybe even a condo use gardening area as well.

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