Joe Eck--anyone read his essays?

reyesuela(z7a)May 2, 2012

While much in design is arguably taste, I think he very brilliantly articulates a number of different design issues and concepts. Several offhand observations really clarifies things for me (like why I was unhappy with a certain area).

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Where we read his essays?

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karinl(BC Z8)

I have a little book by him, from which I gleaned the "aha" that the first landscaping question is always "what do you want to achieve?" I was a little turned off by the introduction, which is written by his partner. Note to aspiring authors: do not get someone who is madly in love with you to write your introductions.

But other than this I agree with your assessments.

Karin L

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HA! Yes, my eyes crossed and I skipped most of that part. There was no attribution there, either--not a place was there and acknowledgement of WHO was writing the intro. You just had to figure it out.

It really clarified why I hate my veggie garden. I already knew, really, but it kinda gave me the kick in the pants to FIX it. I was so stuck on my first idea that I just let it sit there, empty and awful, rather than do anything about it.

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