Variegated Liriope Full Sun

johnstaci(Z5/6 NW MO)May 6, 2010

Anyone have luck growing Variegated Liriope in full sun? I am in zone 6. Does it brown in the winter? Is there a variety of Variegated Liriope that does better in full sun?

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It survives in full sun, maybe more successfully with "abundant moisture," which is not available in my yard, but to me it always looks fresher in part sun/shade. It will brown in the winter but put out new leaves, so whether to cut it back or not depends on how fastidious you are. If you look at some of the other liriopes, I think there are some more sun-tolerant, narrower-leaved, silvery types. You might be better off trying something else if you have a really hot sunny site. Groundcover Forum might help also.

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I am in zone 8b and have some in a southern exposure that gets 7 hrs a day of hot sun. It does great! It is planted in good top soil on top of a plastic weed barrier. It gets a bit tattered in the winter but at least for me, does not get all brown. In the spring before new growth comes out, I clip off the old growth.

I also have some regular non-varigated liriope. I find the varigated liorpe much more interested. Its bright greenish yellow color really looks great with something dark red nearby - I have loropetalum. I also like the way it looks with bengal tiger cannas nearby.
Hope this helps!

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judithva(z7 VA)

I'm in Zone 7, it is grown all over the place here and does fine. I have mine planted in the sunny area between the road and sidewalk, I do give them a bit more water. I also have them in semi shade where they do fine too. They do look a bit "frumpy" in the winter though..., but come spring new leaves pop up and they look great again.

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

judith...I would contend we ALL look a little frumpy in January/February...

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