Preventing Weeds from Neighbour

mudgodMay 31, 2012

I'm not sure if this is the right forum, if not please direct me to the right one.

I have neighbours on both sides that have a lot of weeds (creeping charlie, violets, chickweeds etc). These have over time invaded my yard.

I want to prevent that in the future. The solution I've come up with is to put in some kind of edging (the metal kind sold at home depot etc)and erect a fence. After that kill and reseed the yard.

Is this the best way to go about it, are there better ways to prevent incursion from neighbouring yards?

Also this is the side and back yard. The sidewalk has grass that extends past the neighbours and builds up the same problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

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I reposted this in the weeds section - couldn't find a delete option...

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Some shrubs,bulbs prevent the weeds too.Ideal the shrub and the bulbs match your gardening.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Some shrubs,bulbs prevent the weeds too

That's a bunch of bull!

Mudgod, I have the same issue with one of my neighbors. I actually go into her yard twice a year to edge along the fence. She's never there and couldn't care less. Her wiregrass will grow through anything. It makes its way through my monkey grass, under the landscape timbers, and up through the shell parking area.

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Just came in from dealing with this problem. Can only say thank the Lord I have a 6' fence. Can't go into her weed patch, or I'd Roundup at least a 6" area. Sorry you gals have the same prob.

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karinl(BC Z8)

I think it's actually pretty funny that jurisdictions all over the place, especially mine here in La-la land, are self-righteously banning herbicides but no one makes any moves toward addressing the reason why most people use herbicides - which is primarily that someone nearby is not controlling weed growth. And yeah, we call them weeds because of their insatiable appetite for travel.

What's needed are bylaws requiring people to constrain certain types of plants before they make incursions. Then herbicide use will taper off all by itself.

What I would say about your plan is that I'm not sure you need to kill your whole lawn. We've had a similar thread here lately from someone who wanted to dig up and replace all the soil in their beds to stop weed growth. What you need to understand about weed control is that the influx of weed seeds is constant, plus the soil is already full of them, and most growth comes from weed seeds that have a chance to sprout and grow (that is, they are exposed to light). That is why a dense lawn is your best defense.

Depending on the current condition of your lawn, perhaps you could dig and then overseed with grass, and if there are large patches, you could mulch over a bit first. I'm no lawn expert though - those are in the lawn forum!

If the weeds you have also travel by root (eg bindweed, which is my neighbour's gift), then you have to either dig or use herbicide, bylaws be dammed.

Karin L

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I was planning on doing edging first, followed by 4-6' fence (4' near street, 6' towards the back... code)
Then after that redoing the lawn. The lawn was pretty good initially but the weeds are spreading despite my best efforts (were not in the front /street side but have gotten there too)

I understand about the seeds but I'm hoping reducing the volume would help somewhat. I had a reasonably thick lawn (fall reseeding etc) but slowly it's being choked out by weeds.

Is there a specific type of edging (I saw the 4" deep / 8ft wide ones at home depot) that would work best.

I can delay what to do w/the lawn (try reseeding /selective mulching this fall and then if it improves do more of that or if it doesn't improve redo it etc) but want to set up barriers the right way first :)

Thanks a bunch for the replies

Oh I'm also attaching a link of the neighbour, I had a bed of daffodils that's been completely overrun. I'm planning on digging them out , pulling weeds out and replanting / mulching as well

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Start by going to the lawn forum. My first reaction is that you are breaking one of the rules of basic lawn care, and after going to all that work, you will end up with the same result unless you change what you are doing wrong. However, if you mend your ways now, you may be able to get away without doing much of anything.

The best defense against weeds is a thick, healthy lawn. That's where you want to go.

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"What's needed are bylaws requiring people to constrain certain types of plants before they make incursions. Then herbicide use will taper off all by itself." Karin - if you could make that happen I would be forever grateful.

Top of my list of plants to be constrained is himalayan blackberry. My neighbor keeps a 'patch' of them. Of course, the neighbor doesn't bother to trim the canes to keep them in the yard or put up a barrier to keep them from popping up my yard several feet from the fence line.

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Brad Edwards

I honestly would hit their front yards early in the mornings without them knowing but thats just me "assuming they are jerks because they let their yards go". But be forewarned its not legal and if they have kids could be a lawsuit if they found out and the kids got sick somehow. Honestly though, just ask them if you can use herbiside when you do your weeds if they have small yards or do like I do and mow a portion of my neighbors property when the weeds creep up, hes cool with it and it somewhat keeps them out of the yard. One of the best things you can do for fighting weeds thats almost never mentioned, is #1 have a nice thick grass lawn area and high mulched beds. The seed wont have as much area to germinate. Hope this helps some.

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Some shrubs,bulbs prevent and depress the weeds,improve your curb appeal.

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If there is goutweed or other rhizomatous spreaders, I would make the edging go deeper than 4 inches. Ideally, I'd cast a concrete foundation for the fence.

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@timbu: I wasn't able to find anyting thats more then 4-5" deep. Is there any edging (beyond pouring concrete) that I could get off the shelf that would go deeper?

Also regarding a healthy lawn, I plan on installing a sprinkler system and reseeding in the fall. I'm also using a service (trugreen) to fertilize, add lime and treat for weeds etc. I realize that they aren't approved of here but as a new homeowner there's only so much I can learn early on. Thought I'd start with them and gradually switch to what I find on here. Is there anything else I should be doing

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Sometimes you need a jump start for a healthy lawn - many of the lawn services advertise environmentally responsible formulas for their treatments. Some will say baloney and hold you personally responsible for killing the planet; others will grant there might be an element of truth in it.

From spending (too much) time on the Hot Topics forum, I'm "learning" there's very little in life that isn't on someone's individual hit list.

The Lawn Care and Composting forums are good sources of information.

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