plants relocation/temp housing

M_N_AMay 31, 2013

hi all,
we will be doing an addition project which requires us to take out some plants. we don't want to throw them out but instead replant them at different location once the construction completes.

what will be a cost effective way to relocate and put the plants temporarily for 1/2 a year and not killing them all.

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can we use some concrete blocks to block out some corner at the yard, dig up the plants and move then there and fill with additional soil. will that work? do we have to plant them in the ground properly?

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If you could pot them up in nursery containers, it would make the second move in 6 months easier. Otherwise, heel them in (loose planting) in some loose soil mixture, probably containing a lot of not too large bark nuggets or coarse (like from a chain saw) sawdust. Heeling them in, in a corral of concrete blocks or landscape timbers would be fine.

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