COMPROMISING 1-1-1 and 5-1-1

fireduck(10a)June 22, 2013

Like many of us....I am looking for the "perfect mix". I have found with tomatoes in containers: the 5-1-1 works fine. It does "hold" a lot of water (perched). I am certain the peat adds to this feature. The 1-1-1 mix works...but is so heavy and needs constant attention/watering/feeding. The result is I kind of compromise the two mixes to still give me a fast draining mix that does still perch some water. I suppose my ratios are about: 1 part fir bark, 1 part perlite, 1/2 parts each of peat and gravel. We will see how this does....

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i'd like to see the final results., please.


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Myself, I'm a 3-2-1 kinda guy. 3-bark, 2-Turface, 1-pumice, this is what I use in my outside containers. It still drains well but gives me some cushion from the pores holding capacity so that if I'm laid up with back issues they'll survive till I get to them. We're not that hot here but the daily breeze really dries things out, so the extra water retention was good for me and the mix would hold up longer by not using peat. Veggies are in a 5-2-1. Actually not using the peat for the veggies was a big accident, after making all the Gritty mix for the plants I forgot that peat was part of a 5-1-1 mix and left it out by mistake, everything grew so well I've stuck with that formula for my veggies.


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J...haha. sometimes we can learn from our mistakes! I like the sound of your mix. I am using the gritty...but there is a lot of upkeep. A little more perched water sounds good...

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