Interesting pine fines story

cyn_sJune 1, 2011

I'm really lucky to have a small business nearby where I can get bulk mushroom compost (certified organic), mulches, etc. I was there last week and asked the owner if he could possibly get "something I call 'pine fines'." He said, "Let me tell you about pine fines. Many years ago I had a couple of folks who wanted some, and whenever I got a truck load they'd give me another one for the cost of freight b/c they wanted to get rid of it.

"Recently there was a landscaper here who was doing a job at a new hotel where the specs called for 75% fines. I called the supplier [don't know the name but they're in GA and supply the whole SE - Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, etc.] and he said it would be TWO MONTHS before he could get me some. I told him how I used to get it so cheaply and he said, 'Let me tell you - those days are long gone!'

"So I called a trucker I know who delivers for them, and he said he was sorry but it really would be two months. They have multiple trucks going out daily - sometimes more than once a day. People have found out how good this stuff is in potting mixes, and the suppliers can't keep up w/ the demand. They're even grinding up pine bark mulch to use."

I wonder ... could Al's recommendation have played a part in this discovery??? Wouldn't that be something? We should have all bought stock in it! LOL

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