HELP!! I need landscaping ideas with off center front door!

tracefaceMay 26, 2013

Hello!! I need ideas and opinions on how to do landscaping on our new home. What drives me crazy is the front door is not centered (I uploaded a photo to show). I don't know how to go about landscaping and/or using potted plants on the porch, décor, etc. Im not sure if I should do a path from the porch that curves over to the driveway-if I do, do I center it in the middle of the porch or lead it from the door? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you for your time!

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A couple of questions:
How deep is the front porch and how do you envision using it? If you want a chair out there, you will need another way to approach the door.
If a car is in the drive, is there room to walk, or do you need a different way to get to the front door if there are cars parked in the drive?

I think any path should start in front of the door rather than in the center of the porch.

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That is a nice house, it has a lot of potential,

The porch looks strange to me. I would extend the porch so that the it fit the center of the home. Move the post so that it is the same distance / measure as the right side of the garage door house wall area. In fact, from the pic it looks like the posts are not placed well, they compete with the shutters. So they both should move. That will improve the whole look.

Why do you need a path? Unless you need one to the street I would not make one. If you need one to the street, then it should start at the door.

What is your area? It will be difficult to suggest plants and such without knowing where the home is,, and also what do you like?

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Thank you! We live in SW Missouri. The house is out in the country. There is room to walk to the house when cars are in the driveway. In the picture the gravel areas are also now paved. I didn't know if it would look better with a path just for appearance I guess. The path would just curve over to the drive since no one would park on the road-it's gravel. We can't do any major work like moving the porch posts at this time since we just bought the house and also are in the process of installing a storm shelter and had to get some equipment (bye bye savings! Lol) I guess I was kind of thinking doing two large potted plants on both sides of the garage (not sure what kind), then maybe one by the door. I think hostas are simple and neat that would look good along the front of the porch. I think purple fountain grass would be neat somewhere too since it would match well with the shutters.

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Not an expert. I would put in path that goes right from the door and swoops around to mid driveway. Put some type of of loose flowy limbed bush/tree directly in eye path of the right shutter in this new bed. I don't know what types of plants you have in you,re climate to achieve this. That should visuualy hiddethe door placement problem an be in your budget. I personly don't this it looks that bad that you'd have to redo everything, every home has flaws, but most don't have $ to fix them. Fill in with perrennials. On the left side under the 2 windows, a couple of bushes that won't grown above the windows would be fine. Extend the bed out from the left to put a specimin tree. That should balance everything out garagewise.

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I do not find it disconcerting in the least that the door is not centered. Having it off-center in the porch area is as common as air. It might seem more noticeable now because the house has an unfinished look and a certain "emptiness" about it, which will all change as you add landscaping and the finishing touches. The black shutters seem okay ... like black eyeliner making the window features look larger. But the black posts remind me of black lipstick or fingernail polish. They look ghoulish. So I'd paint those white and another thing that would make the porch seem stronger visually is the addition of filigree trim at the top (at both front and sides.) I've used this before and it makes a huges difference. The trim I'm speaking of is made to go at the top of cabinets so it's a ready-made, big-box item. Or you could make something if you're handy with simple carpentry. One more thing I'd do there is add full length shutters along each side of the door to expand its size and importance. (This, again, is along the lines of how eyeliner makes eyes look larger.) If the door seemed larger, the porch area it would seem less "empty" looking. If ready-made shutters won't clear the utilities, make a pair of simulated shutters that will. They don't have to match existing shutters. And I'd paint the door and door frame white, too. (The darker grey adds a gloomy, instead of cheery, touch, I think.) A bench or seat of some time below the porch window would be a nice touch, too.

You stated that everything was now paved, so it's probably too late for my walk suggestion. However, if not, I'd create a walk that acts as a landing for the entire front of the porch so as to make entering it seem like a spacious, unconfined experience. It would also leave some space for planting at the left side of the garage. Since that's blank wall space, a pair of matching small trees could flank the garage. (Such trees would be made of shrubs that only get 9'-10' height so as to minimize maintenance. One would pick the shrub that adds the particular personality they are looking for.) The rest of the plant suggestions are more or less self explanatory as to heights you might consider and the placement of foliage masses.

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Looks like shutters might be purple since you say purple grass would look great with them. A sunburst plastic or metal shaped wall decor from Thrift shop or junk on curb might look lovely spraypainted to add interest to that large space of wall next to door & hung up little more than 1/2 way up on wall. Then add couple of potted plants & interesting chair or bench. If you don't want to put anything on wall might get lacy climber that you could keep small with metal trellis in the pot next to front door so it goes up the wall 1/2 way when filled out. As far as posts go think twice before moving them as they may be supporting the roof. I like Yardvaark's other ideas. If you don't want concrete walk, the pavers come in many shapes & sizes & are good do it yourself project. I did my own & I can't draw a straight line & it came out great!! Just have to be sure everything is level. Glad you are putting in a shelter, wish my bros in TX would! Smart move! It's a nice house!! Enjoy making it yours!

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I would not add a sidewalk, I do hope a step to the porch from the driveway was added though.

I would plant a climbing evergreen something on the porch posts, something that can be maintained and won't overtake them. Some low growing evergreen ground cover around the porch. The lawn and the trees Yardvaark showed in the picture are a nice addition, they fill in the space nicely. Don't plant the trees too close to the home,

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Wow! Thanks for all of your help!! Y'all have great ideas! The shutters and posts are stained, they are like a dark mahogany. Yardvaark thanks for the picture, that looks great!!!

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