Miracle Gro LIQUAFEEDER question for my pots

piper101(Z 9b So.Calif)June 12, 2009

Hi, I have about 30 plus potted plants and flowers in my yard. I'm having company from out of town and my usual organic fertilizer (Dr.Earth) isn't going to keep my blooms or get them to "hurry up" and make more blooms in time. So I had the idea of this Miracle Gro liquafeed thing. In having a really good liquid concentrate dilution mixer that you attach to the hose, pick a dilution rate and go (22 settings from 1.5 tsp. to over 8oz and all in between) so I bought the refill pack and thought I'd figure it out when I got home. Wouldn't you know it, on the bottle and the Miracle Gro site it doesn't say anywhere the diluation rate (they want you to buy their kit mixer) and seem to want to keep this thing secret. The bottle is 16 oz. and is 12-4-8. Does anybody have an idea how I should dilute this in my feeder? Any ideas would be great. I know under diluting is better than over doing it so I don't "burn" the plants, but I'd like to get it as close as possible for maximum effect. Thank you, Nicole

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Call them on the phone and ask them how to set the unit you have for proper dilution.

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piper101(Z 9b So.Calif)

Thanks! That was a duh moment for me. I'll let you know what they say. It will be interesting to see how they handle that versus the way they portray it on their website and bottle.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The Liquafeed refills are the same product as the 12-4-8 Liquid All Purpose Plant Food, which says to apply at 1/3 capful per 2 gallons. A capful is about 4 tbsp or 12 teaspoons, so 1/3 of that is 4 tsp/2 gallons or 2 tsp per gallon.

If you have an old sprayer, like mine, that will have emptied a full reservoir after 15 gallons of spray was applied, you add 30 tsp, which is 10 tbsp or about 1-1/2 cups to the reservoir & fill the rest with water before spraying. If you're using the newer sprayers, you'll need to do some math or use the info I gave you.

If you're going to spray it on the foliage too, and the 1.5 tsp setting you mentioned is a '1.5 tsp/gallon' setting, I would use that. If you're not applying to foliage, I would use a '2 tsp/gallon' setting.


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piper101(Z 9b So.Calif)

Hi, I finally got my email response back from the people at Miracle Gro and here is what they said, verbatim:

Thank you for your interest in Scotts and for the opportunity to help you with your lawn and garden endeavors.

Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed cannot be used in any other feeder than the Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed sprayer. It is impossible to duplicate the concentration without special equipment.

Again, the Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed plant food is not designed to be used with any other hose end or tank sprayer.

Again, thank you for your interest in Scotts. Please feel free to contact our company anytime we may be of assistance.

Sharon Newell
Consumer Service Representative

So, I will take all your suggestions here. I just hate it when companies do this. It's a bunch of baloney but I'm not surprised since I thought it bad news when I saw their label and website. Thanks for your help! Nicole

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piper101(Z 9b So.Calif)

Al, I think I'll call Gilmer, the maker of my sprayer, and ask them the flo thru rate of how many gallons go through it,,,rather,,maybe you already answered my question.

Is the dial XX amount of concentrate per gallon of water? Is that how dilution equipment works? I know stupid question. I'd just like to beat Miracle Gro at the own game since I have 4 refill bottles that came in this pack. Thank you again, Nicole

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

That would really frustrate me if they told me it was impossible. ;o)

If you have a 15 gallon hose-end sprayer for example, you calculate how much MG you want to go into 15 gallons of water. Add the MG to the reservoir, then fill it with water & spray. The siphon action of the hose will have emptied the reservoir when 15 gallons of water has passed through the sprayer

If yours has various settings, you'll have to provide considerably more info or figure it out via your own research or calculations. ;o)


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piper101(Z 9b So.Calif)

Yea Al, That's the rub. My sprayer isn't a tank. You just load up the container (about 3-4 cups max),,dial in how many xyz tsp,,tbsp etc per gallon you want and connect the hose. I did it yesterday and had to puncture the bottom of the bottle to get into it. Smart, those MG/Scott's people are. They make sure they have you over a barrel. Anyway, the 16 oz. bottle took me a long time (every in the ground and potted plant/shrub in my yard) and I still have about 4 oz. to go. I set it at 2 tsp/gallon. No water ever goes into this contraption but it has a little straw that goes to the bottom and draws up the concentrate. But, if I think about how many 2 tsp there are per ounce, I guess it makes sense. I'll let you know in a week what I see. I couldn't help getting some on the foliage but I figured if I didn't see signs of leaf burn it will be the right dilution or weaker. Needless to say, when I use up the other 3 bottles I WON'T BE BUYING THIS PRODUCT AGAIN. The shame of it is, I'm a new Master Gardener and we have over 200 of us in our county. They just lost any endorsement I could possibly have given out.

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Piper, do you have this spray attachment? It's a very handy applicator that you can leave on the hose because it has the feed or just water option.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.hardwareandtools.com/invt/7919111

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So after hunting around for the answer to the ratio question and coming up with nothing, I decided to do an experiment myself. I have the MG Liquafeed starter kit and I filled the refill with 16oz of water. I then sprayed the sprayer into a 10gal bucket. After it filled the bucket, I took the feeder bottle out, and poured the remaining water pack into the measuring pitcher. It showed a little over 9oz therefore the feeder used 7oz per 10 gal of water or .7oz per gal. That means roughly 4 tsp per gal of water. So if you are doing 2tsp/gal then measure out 8oz of water and 8oz of fertilizer and pour it in your refill bottle to use.

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Ha that's funny.. I was searching this awhile ago and after not finding much of an answer.. I popped the top off the miracle grow bottle and dumped in half organic, seaweed fish poop liquid fertilizer and half water and said oh well and went to town watering.. no issues and based on the information above.. I was dead on as long as my fertilizer is 2tsp/gal... Only thing I noticed is my organic fertilizer has organic dirt and crap in it that plugs up that tiny hole in the miracle grow sprayer.. Nice thing is you can see the water turn clear when it's not dispersing fertilizer..

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