Hot days...

gjshawk(6)June 27, 2013

The summer is getting hotter here in western Colorado. Today it's going to hit 102, and tomorrow 104. The garden is doing well, but I've noticed that the water reservoirs in the SIPs are going down fast. The Grow Boxes have 4 gallon reservoirs and I am filling them at least once a day, and they are pretty low when I get to them. The 5 gallon buckets too. The tomatoes, peppers, and other plants are healthy though, and don't appear to have any wilt.

Next year I plan on setting up an automatic watering system, probably the rain gutter system with float valve.

Here's a photo.

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I hear ya, Orlando is hitting high 90's and a zillion % humidity. My boxes have to be filled everyday or they just go bone dry, it's nuts!

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I was wrong. It hit at least 105. My wife's vehicle thermometer said 108. Today's supposed to be even hotter. It's dry here, so when you go out you bake instead of broil, like you do in Florida. I lived in Pensacola for almost 8 years, so I've been there with the humid heat. I'll take it dry any time if it's going to be hot.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Yeah temps in the 100's is definitely hot. And yes the SIP's will empty fast. I'm glad you didn't call them SWC's, because nothing could be further from the truth :-). We have been spoiled with hot (90's) dryish summers here for the past few years, but this year it 's been wet, but warm. Too wet for most with in ground gardens, but for us with containers, they really shine in the heavy rain. Almost 9" in my rain bucket for June, and mother nature is doing most of my daily watering, saving me about an hour per day.

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It hasn't rained here for at least a month. I wouldn't mind a little water from the sky to wet things down and get the particulates out of the air. Ain't happenin' for a while here, though. I should go out and wash my truck. It usually rains a day or two after that.

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