HAVE: I'm all ears!!

Martina DeLucaJuly 28, 2013

I have the following elephant ears, Alocasias, Colocasias and Xanthosomas, to trade:

Colocasia Lime Aide
Colocasia Fallax
Colocasia Affinis Jenningsii
Colocasia Coffee Cups
Colocasia Coal Miner
Colocasia Elepaio (Milky Way)
Colocasia Lime Zinger
Colocasia Mojito
Colocasia Pink China

Xanthosoma .... The Mickey Mouse one....botanical name escapes me
Xanthosoma Blue Giant
Xanthosoma Jacquinii Lineatum

Alocasia Frydek, green velvet. One trade.
Alocasia Aurora
Alocasia Gagaena, yellow variegated

Calathea Zebrina
Jewel of Opar
Giant tropical sage, one rooted plant
Kaempferia roscoeana "Peacock Ginger"
Yellow dancing ginger

I am looking for:
Zone 9 and higher plants only
Purple wandering Jew (not Purple Heart and not the one that is mostly silver. This is a dark purple).
Variegated white wandering Jew
Large dinner plate size begonia
Blue flowering Iochromas
Old Caladiums like Bicolor (red and white spots)
Elephant Ears I don't have, like Colocasia Blue Gecko, Maui Magic, etc.
Very interested in unusual groundcovers and tropicals I don't have.

I have pics of anything you want to see.

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keiki(10 FL)

I am interested in your c fallax, x jacqinii linneatum, and a. frydeck. from your wish list I have 3 unnamed caladiums I can take pictures of, begonia honduras, a no id begonia with huge round dark green leaves, alocasia borneo giant and lots of tropicals like curcuma zedora, curcuma panama purple, hedychium kewense, hedychium elizabeth,helicona rostrata, heliconia jacquinii, a few costus, 6 kinds of bananas, 4 varieties of pineapples, lots of bromeliads and tillandisas. What kind of tropicals are you looking for? Please email me if interested at ladygardener1 at comcast dot net, gw commection rarely works for me.

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Hi - I have these plants for trade;
wandering jew plant
dinner plate begonia
caladium, red with white
white datura plants

For these plants of yours;

Colocasia Mojito plant
Colocasia Pink China plant
Colocasia Fallax plant

Please let me know, if you would like to trade. Thank you, Mistee :))

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Oh my...

Please check my trade list and email me back!

I have many plants not listed!

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I have:
Plants-clivia, pony tail palm, variegated ginger, canna - salmon color flowers and canna bengal tiger.

Cuttings-Tibouchina urvilleana, tibouchina grandiflora, orthosiphon 'Cats' Whiskers', Isotoma -blue, cuphea ignea both red and orange flower types, 2 types of alternanthera, many named begonia-both cane and rex and many coleus types. I have many other perennials available to trade too.

I'd be interested in any of the following:Yellow dancing ginger, C. mojito, miliky way, coal miner, jenningsii, fallax, lkime aide.

Please let me know if anything interest you. I can send pictures of anything for you.


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Colocasia Lime Aide
Colocasia Coffee Cups
Colocasia Elepaio (Milky Way)
Colocasia Lime Zinger
Colocasia Mojito
Colocasia Pink China
Alocasia Aurora
Alocasia Gagaena, yellow variegated

I'd be interested in starts from any of these, I have

Alocaisa Macrorrhiza start
Alocasia Esculenta Start
Alocasia Hilo Beauty
Aloe Vera
Lots of Ajuga Ground cover

let me know

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Martina DeLuca

Thank you. If I have not responded, I'm traded out!

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I have Alocacia/ Remusatia vivipara for your yellow ginger.

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