techo-bloc creta vs nicolock firma vs unilock concord for wall

growingadviceMay 11, 2011


I'm having a retaining wall done. It will start at around 4.5 ft and taper down to about ground level over the course of 30ft.

These are some the blocks that have been suggested.

I don't know anything about this stuff.

Any ideas, recommendations, thoughts would be appreciated.

thank you.

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Which looks best to you?

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All three are professional grade products. It really comes down to what look you want and who has the colors you like. I tend to specify Techo because I know it well, but concrete Legos are concrete Legos.

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they gave me some catalogs. Of course the manufacturer catalogs aren't gonna say "our blocks are nothing special". That's why I asked. the quotes range from $4500 for the unilock concord to $3600 for the techo lock. I was told that the nicolock would be a little cheaper than the techo, but they all look the same to me!

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PS, prices are for installed wall, graded behind wall and seeded (about 80 sq ft)

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