Why my deck is steaming?

tiger_andy(z6 NJ)May 21, 2011

I am wondering what is steaming out of my cedar wood deck. It's an old deck that is about 15 years old. I have observed steady steam coming out everywhere in every spring, usually in cool morning watched against the sun light. It looks like my deck is smoking. Does anyone know what it is?

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Is the deck also in the sun? If so, it's usually that the sun is warming up the surface of the deck, causing whatever moisture is on top to evaporate. The same happens on our shed roof whenever it's sunny outside in winter.

- Audric

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It is just water vapor. The deck either is absorbing water or accumulating some condensation on the surface, as Audric suggests. The heat of the sun (and warming daytime temperatures) causes the moisture to evaporate and it is visible in the form of vapor or 'steam'. Will happen on roofs, wooden fences and other wooden surfaces - all perfectly normal.

Very similar to seeing your breath on a cold day :-) Only that is a small cloud of fog that is created, because the water vapor in your breath is warmer than the atmosphere and condenses in the form of tiny little water droplets.

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It could be on fire. get out there quick!

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I agree with the others, it is water vapor that the deck absorbs overnight. If you haven't seen that in the past you might consider sealing it (if it's the kind of wood you seal periodically, that is).

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