eggplant seedlings turning yellow

njitgradApril 27, 2014

My two varieties of eggplant (Dusky and Patio) are both starting to exhibit yellowing of leaves. These seedlings co-exist in the same flats as my yellow and orange peppers and all of those look fine. My tomatoes (all 14 varieties), though not in same flats as the eggplant but still in the same vicinity of my basement are all doing spectacularly.

So what am I doing wrong? I water all of my 3.5" durapots from underneath about every 5-6 days so I can't see it being due to over watering. Or can it be?

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Difficult to say without more info. Can you post a picture? Are you fertilizing them? How long have they been in those pots? Eggplants are more demanding of nutrients than peppers and typically use up all the slow-release fert typically present in a potting mix within 3-4 weeks.

And yes, overwatering from bottom watering can happen if the pots are sitting in a tray.

So either is a possibility, unless you can provide more information.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I would also say : Not enough nutrients. Mine was similar (yellow lower leaves: I just pinched them off). I fertized a bit more. Now it is normal.

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Okay, so I posted a bunch of pics below to show you my overall setup and some upclose shots of the eggplants in distress. Turns out that only one of the two varieties (Dusky) is having a yellow leaf issue, and out of 51 tomato plants (3 each of 17 varieties), two are showing a little bit of yellowing while the remaining 49 look very healthy.

If the eggplant needs fertilizing, when should I do it considering I just watered all of my seedlings deeply before I started this post and I usually go 5-6 days between waterings?

Would Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6 be a good choice?

I've never fertilized seedlings before....should they be watered with the fertilizer solution from beneath the durapots like I do when watering with plain water?

BTW....I started the eggplant and peppers on March 7th and they all germinated pretty quickly around March 12th.

You'll notice in the pictures that the growing mix for the peppers & eggplants looks fresh and dry on the surface. This is because I started seeing moss and mildew starting to grow on the surface last week. I scraped off the top inch of soil and put dry mix on top to prevent recurrence. I don't know why I had moss growing because I have a fan circulating air in that part of my cellar 24/7.

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I think the plants are outgrowing their pots and want to be outside in the sun. My plants are almost as far along as yours, and starting to spend some time outdoors. When the roots fill the pots and the plants are having an outdoor day, I use the dunking watering method. Fill a bucket with warm water-dilute organic fertilizer, and dunk to saturate each pot (2 seconds). They like it.

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My plan was to start hardening them off later this week after the approaching unsettled weather passes. In the mean time (since I just watered them a day ago) would it not be advisable to water them again today with a diluted feritilizer dunk?

Or maybe better yet should I transplant them into deeper dura-pots? I have some left over and they have the same dimensions as the current containers they are in, only about 3" taller.

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I say leave them alone and just start hardening off and plant outside as soon as you are able, then they will be happier. Everything looks pretty good in the pictures to me, just a little yellowing. I suggest going organic and not relying on fertilizers - Dyna Gro is not organic is it? Remember you are going to eat the produce from these plants...

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I just assumed DynaGro was organic when it was recommended to me last fall in another thread.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Are these going to be grown in containers like your broccoli is? If so then please ignore the organic recommendation because as we have discussed before, gardening organically in containers is a whole different ballgame than gardening organically in the ground. And yes, of course you can still eat them.

Off the cuff, broad observations like that are easy to make when the poster has little to no info on what you are doing or how you are gardening and just promoting their personal cause.

DynaGro makes many different products. Some of them are OMRI approved, others are not. The choice of fertilizers to use is yours be they organic approved or not.

Just as with your broccoli plant problems post, a diluted dose of your DynaGro will help. And as we have said before it isn't as if you have to water them thoroughly with it. One tablespoon of the mixed liquid is all they need.

In the future do keep in mind that different plants need different water amounts just as they do different nutrients. They don't respond to "scheduled" waterings. The older the plant the more flexible the schedulae needs to be.

These are no longer seedlings. They have multiple sets of true leaves so they are plants and plants in small containers need feeding if they can't be planted out yet.


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