WANTED: named Blackberries for usda zone 5

infiniteohmsJuly 20, 2013

I'd love to get some blackberries going this year, i'm looking for named cultivars suitable for USDA zone 5. My trade list is pretty up to date, so feel free to check it out for trades.

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Not sure if this is of any worth to you or not, but I have seeds of jumbo thornless blackberry. Natchez is the name if my memory serves me right. I also have collected seeds from the wild blackberries growing on my property.

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I'll take a pass on those, thanks for the offer though!

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I have :

Darrow -- very vigorous with large berries and large thorns.

Black Satin -- thornless, smaller but prolific berries.

Both have done very well in my zone 5 garden (Iowa).

I need to move the patches as they are getting too much shade and taking up too much space. I am planning on waiting until September though.

I am interested in Autumn Joy and hops.

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that sounds like a great trade. I will mark my calendar and get in touch in september.

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anyone else thinning a named blackberry patch?

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