Planting for height?

belladomJune 15, 2013

What can grow in narrow space 20 to 30 feet for privacy? Planter can be 20" depth max, but as high as possible and 4-5 feet wide or so (will probably have to make ourselves, or any recommendations where to buy?) We can't plant in the ground in this only-concrete area of the house... I am considering clump bamboo or cypress... ideally something that will be happy in a pot and grow tall and lean. Thx

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Why so narrow a box ?....that's a problem......

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Bamboo is ideal for this purpose. If growing in a confined planter or container, you do not have to limit yourself to clumping bambo........

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It's narrow, because it's a 4-foot wide walkway, the entire length of which is a concrete storm drain, so can't plant in the ground. We have to occasionally fit trash cans, etc. through the space. So maybe the bamboo will work... it has plenty of height and length just not depth.

Here's the space... the planter would fit behind the potted ficus, and hopefully tower to hide the blue house above right.

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