Searching For Globe Caraganas In The USA

nerdyshopperJune 21, 2012

We need super winter hardy shrubs to plant in 10" pots to give privacy to our garbage can. The last two years we went to our local nursary and bought what they said would work. Both shrubs froze out and when we took them back the nursery said no shrubs would survive the winter in a 10 inch pot because of the cold. I looked for shrubs that could survive in our climate (zone 5-6) online and found that Globe Caraganas are winter hardy to Zone 2A. Now I can't find a nursary to purchase them from. Anyone found some that can be bought in the US?

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howelbama(7 NJ)

You can't really expect much to survive a winter in a pot unprotected... The hardiness of a plant is based on the assumption it is planted in the ground where it will be insulated by the mass of the earth around it and the snow on top of it when it snows.

You would need to bury the pots in the winter or otherwise protect the pots if you expect anything to overwinter in a pot no matter what it's hardiness rating is.

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