Patio problem

sparkleclown(6)May 5, 2010

I would love to get rid of our current deck which is in lousy condition. It is a ground level structure and I would prefer a patio.

The problem is the ground is sloped toward the house. The part of the deck away from the house is on the ground but the area near the house is built up about 6"-10".

I have bricks and would love to get started but is what I want to do possible?

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karinl(BC Z8)

Can you sink it into the ground at the far end, away from the house, staying level with the house? It would mean digging out a fair bit of dirt and maybe putting a retaining wall around your patio to keep dirt off it.

But if you want to build at the same level, you may be able to build up at the house end with soil (you'd need to retain it though) or concrete... but this can bring risk of things like water in the house as you'll change your whole site drainage. It really depends on what is at the house wall - wood siding, concrete foundation? And on where else the water would go vs. where it goes now.

You should probably consider site drainage as a whole before messing with things. A picture or two might help people answer the question better.


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Thanks Karin,
I thought about digging down at the far side and building up a brick bench to hold in the dirt. I think maybe some professional advice might be warrented due to the drainage issue. Just trying to save some money on the whole thing.

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