Natural snow fence

violetmay(6)May 6, 2007

We have about 1/4 mile of yard that is open farm field and we want to create a natural snow fence. It's always windy here, extremely windy, and it gets very cold most winters, wind chills far into the negatives. Any help would be appreciated.

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I think the best thing to do would be to call the extension office for the county you live in. They would know what type of plants work best in your area.

Around here, most people plant an assortment of evergreens. That can take years to be effective unless you have large trees planted, so a snow fence would still be needed if drifts are getting too high in areas where they have to be removed.

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Evergreens are your best choice. However, it does take time for them to develop. First line of defense is to establish a dense deciduous shrub border of Viburnums, forsythia, old fashioned lilacs...anything of that type you can find. Suggest that you contact area wholesale growers, explain your need and ask if they have misshappen or overstocked shrubs growing in their fields which could be purchased at greatly reduced prices. It is worth a try and, yes, the majority of wholesalers will sell to you at bulk prices as you need a large number of shrubs/evergreens.

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I would go with honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida)a cheap hedge that will withstand the conditions you mention and whatever is damaged can be cut back and will grow again, like spiders legs.

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