smilin_2009May 24, 2011

I laid sod 2 years ago and put wood mulch down for the flower beds and all landscaped areas. I did not put down a border, I left it natural which I have been using a flat shovel to keep the border edged and looking good. Only thing is I have to do this a few times a year and I'm looking for an alternative way to keep this border looking good. I have about 400 ft. of boarder and was thinking of using a gas stick edger but I am not sure if this will work. Any ideas? Stihl makes a nice gas powered stick edger but would this work?

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Most of the mow and blow guys use something very similar - it's fast and easy, if not the ideal solution. I prefer hand edging myself....:-)

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I have a Stihl gas powered edger and it does work well but I find it works best when it can roll on a solid base such as my concrete walk and driveway.
When I tried using it along the grass/mulch area I had to work a little harder in keeping the blade the same depth along the full run.

We hired a gardener last year to do weeds and edging only and they use their weed eater turned on edge. I used to do the same in the grass/mulch areas and once you learn the correct angle and direction to work from, you can get a nice straight cut with it.

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Gas trimmers work, but they do so by beating the grass to death- you are left with raggedy ends on each blade that will never have that nice, crisp, healthy look that hand edged borders will have.

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