hudson___wy(3)April 10, 2014

We just got our Broccoli, Cabbage & Brussel Sprout seeds planted for the 2014 season (photo left). Last year we planted all Packman variety (photo right) Broccoli. This year we decide to try a couple of other varieties. In addition to Packman - we also planted Sun King and Superdome. We sill soon know how these varieties compare. What is your favorite Broccoli variety?

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

My favorites are Imperial and Emerald Crown. These are proven winners.....I have tried scads of other varieties. I also am trying Emerald Jewel too.

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I plant at least a dozen varieties a year, but 2 of my most reliable varieties are Gypsy and Coronado Crown.

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So much depends on your growing conditions. Superdome and Packman do well here, but Superdome is less prone to browing. Have not grown Sun King ( Burpee exclusive) but Gypsy is the worst hybrid I have grown. Ugly inconsistent plant under my conditions. Coronado Crown does well. If you like Packman which is a consistent performer, Blue Wind is a slight improvement. Because of the late spring summerheat, I have to grow quick maturing varierties.

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I've only had luck with Di Cicco myself, but I haven't been doing so well with broccoli lately. The slugs seem to just love broccoli and kale around here, completely ignoring other veggies directly in the path to get to them. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle, but I set out beer traps tonight and I have been ruthlessly drowning the ones I do see under my bed borders.

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Nice photos Farmerdill and Tripleione!! You guys know how to grow broccoli !! I would be happy with any one of the varieties in your photos if I can grow them like you do!!
Thanks for sharing!

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I've grown only Waltham and Calbrese, both with good success. This year, I'm adding De Cicco (which seems to be my star performer so far this year, with a head already forming) and Romanesco.

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Premium crop hybrid did the best for me! Packman had
smaller heads and did not put out as many side shoots after
the main head was harvested.

Hard to find Premium Crop lately.

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Glad to here about Calbrese, fern1knits. That's the variety I have sown this year. If those beer slug traps keep up the good work, I'll post some pictures once they mature.

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We harvested some of our Broccoli Saturday. I was a bit surprised that the varieties we planted were so much alike. We will have to try some of the other varieties listed on this thread. I think we liked the Super Dome the best of the three that we planted. They seemed to have tighter/larger heads when compared to Packman and Sun King. Please post photos of your harvest so we can compare and select varieties for next season.

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I like seeing these followup posts

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