Worm Castings tea and foliar spray query...

tiffy_z5_6_can(5/6)June 12, 2011

I am new to container gardening but not to gardening. Early this past spring I had to leave my extensive gardens due to life throwing me a curve ball.

I was able to return and retrieve a few treasures, some which are being kept by friends in their gardens. I did bring with me some Asclepias Incarnata and Tuberosa to place on my teeny balcony. My passion is raising Monarchs... I am also tending to some Verbenas and Lantanas as well as a Buddleia.

A friend gave me a bucket full of worm castings. I saw a posting here a while back about using it for foliar spray and tea. Anyone have details or should I just swing it?

Also, I've sucked in the past at container gardening but so far so good. The only thing I see that concerns me slightly is a little lighter pigment in the leaves of the Buddleia and Incarnata - not the whole leaf but edges of the Buddleia and 'speckling' in the inner leaf of the Incarnata. Any thoughts?

I have not applied any fertilizers yet although part of my mix had a bit of granular fertilizer.

Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to container gardening. Much of your gardening experience growing in the ground will have to be relearned as you find it does not apply when growing in containers. You have found the right place for getting the help needed. The use of compost and compost tea and worm castings, though still useful will be used a little different. The leaves of your plants are telling you their needs are not being met. The container plant is completely dependent on everything needed being provided by the gardener, with no reserves being available from the ground. All you need is available on this site. Al

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