pegleg48(6a Toronto)June 3, 2012


I picked up a strawberry plant last week, and it's sitting in a pot in my apt waiting to go outside. I want to plant them in a hanging basket, but make it something I can bring inside in the winter and put back out next year (i've got a pretty sunny room).

Which do you think is better? to keep them in a reasonable size pot and set that in a hanging basket outside (with good drainage), then move the container inside in the winter?

Also wondering about these planters with that straw-looking liner stuff, which would look really nice outside. Can you plant directly into the "basket" or does it need a lining of some sort? In the winter I could try lifting the whole thing into a pot inside.

Or, am I crazy and they will have to be repotted next year anyway?

thanks for the tips


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howelbama(7 NJ)

Peg, they require a chilling period if you are to expect any blooms on them next year. So if you do bring them in, you would probably want to keep them in your garage or somewhere nice and cool. I'm not sure how much chilling they need, but maybe someone else can advise on the speciics.

We had such a mild winter here last year, that the ones I had in containers on mydeck overwintered as is, so I wound up transplanting them in ground.

If you are talking about the coco fiber baskets, they do not require a liner, you just fill them with potting mix and plant.

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pegleg48(6a Toronto)

I could keep them in the basement. It's freezing in the winter.
The variety is temptation strawberries. I was told they're a continually producing variety, but also that unless I've got a really warm/sunny spot indoors, just to leave them outside. I can always revisit this question in november
And yeah, the coco things. I will do that then.

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Peg, no problem. Even the everbearing varieties do need a chillling period I believe, so the basement would probably be a good idea. But you may want to do some more research on that as I only grow June bearers and do them in raised beds.

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if I may ask - why do you want to bring them in for the winter?

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pegleg48(6a Toronto)

Oh, I was mostly just not sure if they'd survive outside all winter, but I guess they should. I'll probably just leave them out.
Have to see how they do this year first.


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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

I've been planting mine in hanging baskets for a couple of years now. Although some plants do seem to over winter, I tend to treat them like annuals, replenishing the pots with new plants as needed. I buy them bare root and plant them in these clever baskets I found.

Here is a link that might be useful: Strawberry Basket

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