Pumpkin contest

stuffradioApril 21, 2012

Are people going to do a pumpkin contest? No money prizes, just for fun. In just over a week, it's time for me to start them inside and a couple weeks more until it's time to directly seed them.

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your on. starting mine in 2 weeks.

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I've got two Prizewinner seeds sprouted already. ;)

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Why not?

I put one out back in a waste zone near my fence behind the bushes just for fun (I've never had much luck with pumpkins).

The seed packet had a picture a big, 100 lb Big Max pumpkin, so I have high expectations :-)

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I'm going for flavor and planted fairy tale or Cinderella pumpkins. Bought a couple last year and couldn't believe how good they were. In the past, I've bought seed that seemed to indicate they planted later for fall harvest, then I would forget to plant them. These seeds were saved from the pumpkins we ate last fall.

Planted watermelon too (our yard will be a mess of vines, but we decided to have some fun with them this year after getting a volunteer in the back last year. A critter or a weed whacker claimed the only melon it produced, so the challenge was on. :D

Both are being overshadowed by a squash that is growing at a frightening pace.

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I'm starting mine sometime between this week and next.

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Just started my two vines yesterday. Jarrahdale and Giant Lumina (a squat gray pumpkin and a more traditional shaped white pumpkin).

Normally I wouldn't bother with jack o'lantern pumpkins at all (far easier to just pay $5 for one ready to go), but then I saw this picture and knew I had to grow white ones this year:

I have totally already got a zombie style jack o'lantern design in my head, just waiting for these things!

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