Creating an entrance to the home with landscape

Lori BMay 17, 2010

We are building a home (DFW), reminiscent of an older Spanish Revival home. It is situated 5 feet off the property line. Our front door is set back some, because the front/side-swing garage is at the 30' buildline and even with the neighbors' houses which are 1940s era.

What would you do with the side of the house? Our front door is situated well to the eastern side. We would like to create a screen from the metal awnings, and make an 'entrance' to our home.

The driveway is not yet in, but we may only have about 5 feet from the property line until the edge of the driveway.

Ideas that we have so far are 1) using a narrow, but tall growing shrub. One idea is Will Fleming Hollies 2) build some sort of trellis and let vines, jasmine grow up them.

Any other ideas? Preference to the current ideas? We are planning to install a black 4' iron fence on the sides, with 5' gate.

This photo was taken at 4:15pm. The house faces North. The stucco color will be a buttery yellow. The windows are covered, but they are a Sage Green color.

Looking down the eastern edge.

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A small perinnal bed low growing on the neighbor side a stone pathway with some climbing vines on the house side under planted with some low growing perinnials and or maybe a ground cover? Looks shaded to me so really a few things you could do like lamium, Ivey vine, a littel hosta or Lungwort, Astilbe and of course some Martagoon. (spelling might be wrong on the later) It might to help to know what is intended for the rest of the area. Like what is the plat plan. Also as an after thought Bleeding Heart could be considered. But for sure how do you plan on using the area? Storage for garbage cans? Acsess to the other areas of the yard?

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If the arch in the last pic is where the entrance is ... nothing will say "Enter Here" as well as a broad walkway leading to it. make the walk as wide as the arch.

A couple of large pots with something suitable for the climate on either side of the door ... and you are done.

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