HAVE: Wavy jade, golumn jade, violet variegated spider pythos

Avery09July 1, 2013

Hey everyone,
I'm trimming back some plants and looking to trade. Let me know what you are interested and maybe we can work something out. Hope to make my first trade soon. :$
Wavy jade
Golumn jade
California jade?
Variegated spider plant

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I have kalanchoe daigremontiana and kalamchoe tubiflora, would like to trade you for gollum jade and wavy jade.
Please email me from my page if you are interested.

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What color is your violet? I have a green spider plant and an violet that cascades. Please check my trades page. Thanks. I am interested in both your jades please.

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The violet is a light purple/lavender, it also cascades. I can give a couple branches off my jades. Nothing will be rooted. I will look at your lists and get back to you both.

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emailed. have some succulents. sradleye@gmail.com

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