Best edging for flagstone walkway? Steel? Aluminum?

staceyneilMay 6, 2011


I am laying a dry-laid flagstone walkway this spring. It's bordered by turf on one side, and against a garage on the other. I'd like to use an edging to keep my base materials from migrating and the grass out as much as is possible. I don't like plastic, and I don't want to use cobblestones down one side only (unbalanced look) so I'm looking for the least visually obtrusive option. Am I right to think metal is the way to go? If so, steel or aluminum? Is the Home Depot stuff OK or should I seek out a better product at my local landscaper supply place? Any tips?

Thank you!!

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Unless one is using very casual/natural materials for a walkway - wood chips, bark, etc. - I believe a rigid edge restraint is absolutely necessary to define/restrain a laid flagstone walkway. I typically recommend or spec an edge restraint that is made specifically for this purpose.

There are various manufacturers but I haven't seen many offered by home improvement stores - they tend towards lawn edging which is an entirely different product. You may very well find what you are looking for through a landscape supply outlet, but in my area, these items are typically available through the same place you get your walkway materials - stoneyards and masonry suppliers.

FWIW, as long as it is intended for the purpose, the material is somewhat irrelevant - rigid plastic/PVC, aluminum, steel..... it just should have a sufficiently rigid structure and sufficiently wide flange(s) for anchoring. And of course sufficient depth to restrain the thickness of all the materials.

Here's a couple of sources for you to check out to see the type of product available:

PVC rigid and flexible edging

permaloc aluminum hardscape edging

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Thank you, gardengal. The permaloc looks like what I was considering. I'll call on Monday and see it there is a local dealer.

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