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caterwallinJuly 15, 2011

Numbers behind each plant are approximately how many I have of each kind. I was going to plant these myself but am downsizing my garden, so if there's anyone here who wants them, they're yours. I'd rather just give them to one person so I don't have to mess around sending out a bunch of boxes to various people. I'm really lacking on time. You can have these for the postage and I have to have it ahead of time. I'll mail them in a large flat rate box, which will cost $14.95 to send. My husband said to just dump them because it is really time consuming to pack them all up for someone, but I just can't dump perfectly good plants. The plants aren't huge (a few inches tall), but I'm confident that they will do fine once transplanted if you make sure to keep them watered.

I hang out on the GW butterfly forum and these plants are geared towards butterflies. Porterweed and Plumbago are nectar plants. Rue is the host plant (the caterpillars use it for food) for Black Swallowtails and Giant Swallowtails. False nettle is the host plant for Eastern Comma, Question Mark and Red Admiral. Amorpha fruticosa is the host plant for the Silver-spotted Skipper. Lespedeza capitata is the host plant for Northern Cloudywing, Southern Cloudywing, and Silver-spotted Skipper. Passiflora incarnata is a host plant for Gulf Fritillaries and Variegated Fritillaries (and Julias if you happen to live in southern Florida). There could be other types of butterflies that use the plants I have listed, but those are the ones that I know of.

I would like these plants go to someone who is into butterflies or who is wanting to get into the "hobby" (for lack of another word right now...I hate to call living creatures a hobby...but I'm not sure what to call it...maybe a mission?). Anyway, I'm trying to help butterflies as much as I can but can only do so much, so I am hoping that some other butterfly loving person will be glad for the plants. If you're the type of person who plants things and kills caterpillars for eating your pretty plants, then these aren't the plants for you, as I'm trying to increase the butterfly population, not decrease it. So, if anyone is willing to take all of these plants for the cost of postage, I will mail them out after I receive the money from you. I am not a rip-off artist. I've shared seeds and plants with people many times and if you type my name in (caterwallin) in the search box, you can read the reviews from people to whom I've sent things, so you can see that I'm on the up-and-up and won't take your money and run. :)

So if you're that person who wants them, post here so other people know that they're spoken for. If you have your email link set up, I will email you. Otherwise, you'll have to email me, but either way, post here so other people know that the plants are taken. Thanks for reading.


Porterweed (I think they're purple) 12

Plumbago 4

Rue 12

False Nettle 50

Amorpha fruticosa 2

Lespedeza capitata 12

Passiflora incarnata 4

*These are approximate numbers and could be a couple more or less. I do know that I have exactly 4 Plumbago though.

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Sorry, I neglected to give the scientific names for the rue and false nettle. The rue is Ruta graveolens, and the false nettle is Boehmeria cylindrica.

I also should mention that I might be able to also send a few small purple coneflower plants from my garden and maybe some pieces off of my turtlehead (Chelone lyonii) plants. Coneflowers are great nectar plants, and it's also a host plant for the Silvery Checkerspot. The chelone is a host plant for the Baltimore Checkerspot.

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Ament(5a SD)

I would love them, will they grow in zone 4/5 mostly 4 though. I'm in South Dakota.

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The porterweed and plumbago are annuals. If you'd want them, you could plant them and get seeds off of them and plant those next year just like you would with marigolds, celosia, etc. Oh, and I'm pretty sure you'd have to put the passionvine in a pot and move it in and out every year because I'm pretty sure that wouldn't make it in your zone. The false nettle would live for you (perennial), and the same for the Amorpha fruicosa (that gets to be a big bush, just so you know), and Lespedeza capitata. I just looked up Ruta graveolens and it's only hardy to zone 6. I don't know if you'd want that then. It's a beautiful foliage plant, but I don't know if you'd want to be bringing a dozen or bushes in and out every year. :) I forget if it seeds the first year or not. If it does, I was going to say you could just treat it as an annual (get the seeds off of it and plant them next year), but I'm not sure when it gives seed. I don't think the coneflower is hardy there either according to the USDA plant website. If you want to look these all up, here's the link below. Let me know what you decide.

Here is a link that might be useful: USDA Plants Profile

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The turtlehead is hardy in zone 4. Did I forget anything?! LOL

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sjs867(8a AL)

I can't believe I missed this one! If you still have them though, I garden specifically for butterflies here in Alabama! I am certainly interested, Suzy

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sjs867(8a AL)

I just sent you an e mail, Suzy

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keiki(10 FL)

Hi Cathy. What a generous offer. If they are still available I would love some rue, amorpha fruitcosa and passionflower incarnata.

FYI in warmer climates like where I live plumbago and porterweed are perennials.

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