Question about screening granite for gritty mix.

LIG-LifeIsGood(8)June 1, 2013

I am finally making my first batch of gritty mix after reading about it for quite awhile. I screened the Turface using window screen and I then screened the Gran-I-Grit "Growers" size thru 1/8" screen. A large portion of the granite went thru the 1/8" screening and now I am wondering if I should have also screened it using the window screen instead of the 1/8" screen. I have searched a lot of threads looking for the answer but so far have not been able to find this issue addressed.

Thanks - Connie

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Update to original posting:

I retrieved the portion of the granite that went thru the 1/8" screen and ran it thru the window screening and voila-almost nothing went thru the window screen.

So it looks like approx. 1/4 of the Gran-I-Grit "Growers" granite is in the size range between 1/16" and 1/8". Do I use the sub 1/8" portion in the gritty mix?

Also I have read several threads where someone has mentioned rinsing the granite. Do you normally rinse before adding the granite to the gritty mix and if so does this cause any problems if the gritty mix is then stored in a plastic container?

Sorry if these questions have been addressed elsewhere - I am almost positive that they must have, but for the life of me I have searched and searched and not been able to find the answers.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Connie ,

Don't ever worry about asking questions!!!

Not a problem for most of us...

I like to use a strainer from the kitchen dept at Walmart that has the same small holes as the insect screen. These are easy to find and very easy to use. Just put your grit in swirl it around and you should be find then add to the Turface and bark, then you can store. I also like to store this way and when I'm ready to use, I will moisten the mix before I pot up.

If you would like to rinse before you use the grit that will be fine too. It will be fine. Just let it dry out before you store if .. Especially if it is covered.

Just remember that the Turface need to be screened a little more because it has more fines than the grit.

Hope this helps.. If you need a pic of my strainers.. Just ask!!!

Good luck!!


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