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woohoomanJune 30, 2012

OK. Just happened to be at the local Walmart and ventured over to the garden center.

This is the closest thing I found to bark fines(not sure if it's 100% conifer) but the labeling is vague.

Maybe somebody out there can tell me if this stuff is sufficient or I should just give up on the big box stores and turn my attention to the private nurseries.


Here is a link that might be useful: click on decorative barks and mulches on the left--then click on Greensmix Small bark

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

The size is right, but I would want to be sure about what kind of bark it is. All the mulch products labeled bark that I have seen say what kind of bark they contain. I think it may tell you on the label in fine print. If you have access to locally owned nurseries, I would trust them more than any big box store.

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Yeah. The labeling is somewhat vague. They either say "forest products" or "forest bark."

As of right now, it seems my move to containers may be cost prohibitive--- I found some stuff by E.B. Stone at a couple local nursery store chains, but the lowest price there was 10 bucks for 2c.f.

My next step just may be the less public nurseries--- maybe they sell it in bulk.

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