HAVE: False nettle plants for postage

caterwallinJuly 31, 2012

I have small false nettle plants coming up that I don't want because I already have a lot. Rather than toss them, I thought I'd offer them to someone for the cost of flat rate postage. If you're into butterflies, you probably know that these are a host plant of the Red Admiral, Question Mark, and Eastern Comma. These plants are obviously very resilient because we're having a dry spell and the false nettle plants are doing fine without even being watered.


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Would a small flat rate box be okay? I'd love them for the butterflies.

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I usually send them in a medium flat rate box. That's up to you if you only want about 2 plants because that's probably all I'd be able to fit in a small flat rate box, which is about the size of a VCR tape.

They're great for attracting the butterflies. I raised a bunch of Red Admirals on them this year. I planted about 50 plants last year and they threw down a lot of seeds and now I have plenty and wanted to share with people, but only one other person besides you was interested.

Plmk about the size of the box. If you want to make arrangements and get my address, please click on my email link on my page.


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ms minnamouse, Are you still interested in these? I haven't heard back from you. If you've changed your mind, I'll repost them.

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Hi, if they are still available, I would love them in a bigger box; just let me know the cost & your Paypal email.
Pls respond to frances2mwws.net.
Thx & God bless!
Judith Francis

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Sorry, frances2@mwws.net

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Need nettles. I am not sure what false nettles are?

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I am interested in the False Nettle plants for postage if they are still available. Thanks! Beth Pierce

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