How to move a crape myrtle?

sandrab_gardener(7)May 4, 2010

I planted 2 crape myrtles too close to my porch 10 years ago and need them moved. This spring I whittled them down to the ground thinking that they would die. They are still sprouting shoots so now I want to move them and give them new life. My question is how deep is the tap root? Also, if I replant them, could I get trunks now that I have chopped them to a small stump? How do I replant - do I cover them completely with dirt? Thank you in advance :)

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You already tried to kill them once. Just finish the job instead of trying to revive the maimed victim.

You will be better off planting new 5-gallon crepe myrtle trees where they need to be and digging the old ones out - dig down and chop through the roots - and discarding them.

1 - They will take YEARS trying to recover from the damage you did when you chopped them to the ground. Your chances of getting a trunk are very slim.

2 - You will have a very hard time digging a big enough root ball for a 10-year old tree. If they were priceless specimens, yes, but obviously you didn't think so.

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