Pebble and Paver Patio

Lauren729May 5, 2014

Hi everyone! My husband and I just recently moved into my grandparents old house and we are finishing up a lot of unfinished projects that my grandparents left behind. The first one we have is a patio area surrounded by brick walls off the back of the house. It is covered. Currently there is just dirt there and we are tracking it up in the house. I would like to do a paver design with pebbles in between. Something similar to this by Stout design - I am just wondering if anyone has done this and been unhappy with the pebbles becoming scattered or messy. I have also heard of products such as Technisoil and Klingstone path that help hold the pebbles in place. If anyone has a patio like this and has used the bonding agent I would like to know how it holds up and if they have any issues with loose pebbles and such. Thanks!

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If you use large pebbles and embed them firmly in the mud, they stay put. is an example.

Otherwise, set them close enough that you don't actually step on them.

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Klingstone and Gravel-Lok stick to EVERYTHING until they're perfectly dry, and I have the stains (on concrete, on my car upholstery, and on the custom tailored shirt I won't throw out even though it's ruined and I can never wear it again) to prove it. So it depends, how many slabs are going to be in the patio? Because you'll have to carefully mask each and every one. Unless you're also going over the slabs themselves with the product, in which case I recommend chatting with the manufacturer's rep about how well that might work.

The clients I've had who have done this just kick the stones back into place. It's a cool look but there's maintenance to it.

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Whenever I see this scheme, there are always loose gravels about. It's about impossible to walk on (normally) without scuffing some stones out of place.

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