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alpeldunasJune 12, 2013

I have searched for the questions I have and the list of results I get back is extensive and I just can't seem to sift through and find all the answers I'm looking for. I know, in my reading, I have come across some of the answers to these questions, but now I can't recall where.

I bought some copper octanoate concentrate and have some questions about usage:

1. How long does the spray stay good for once mixed? I made some two days ago and used about 70% of it and have planted some more containers that I would like to spray. Can I use what I have made before mixing up a new batch or do I just need to discard the old stuff?

2. Can I spray plants with copper in the evening? I usually try to do my planting when it cools down in the evening and would like to spray my plants when they are transplanted (especially because we are expecting more rain the next few days). I know you're not supposed to spray plants in the evening in order to decrease the likelihood of disease, but if copper is a fungicide, would that negate that?

3. Can I spray basil with copper ...meaning, is it safe to eat the basil leaves after they have been sprayed with copper? If so, how long should I wait after spraying to eat the basil?

4. Can I spray the fruits (tomato/pepper/cucumber/melon) with copper and, if yes, up until how long before they are harvested can they be sprayed?

As I said, I know these questions have been answered elsewhere, but I feel like I'm experiencing death by Google trying to figure out where I saw the answers. If someone with good knowledge of copper spraying procedures would be so kind as to provide all these answers in once place (or links to the info), I would really appreciate it.


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Pesticides must be registered and labeled for the uses allowed. Is there no label provided with your product? Al

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Yes, there is a label but it does not address any of the questions I have asked. It tells me the proper dilution rate, how often plants should be sprayed, what diseases it treats and that plants should be sprayed when there will be at least 12 hours without rain.

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