Potential Sources of Gritty Mix Ingredients in SF East Bay

seajJune 1, 2013

I've been thinking of moving my African Violets out of Semi-Hydro and into Gritty mix so I've been hunting for ingredients. I have located a local nursery which sells 2 potential components of gritty mix in bulk, but I would like to get some opinions from the experts here. Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro, CA sells fir bark and decomposed granite. Here are the product descriptions but there are pictures on their website. http://www.theevergreennursery.com/garden-care/bulk-materials/

Fir Hummus - 1/4â³ x Dust size fir bark. Excellent water retention. Approximately 1,100 lbs per cubic yard.

Decomposed Granite (Clayton Blue) - 1/4â³ to Dust sized rock. Gray color. Use for pathways, between flagstone, and as a base under stepping stones. Approximately 2,800 lbs per cubic yard.

Don't these products look like they can be sifted and used for gritty mix? Or is it not worth the trouble to sort through the product?

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area / California, Clark's U-Save Rockery in Hayward, Oakland, and San Leandro may also carry products for gritty mix in bulk. I also plan on going to Grove Way Bonsai Nursery in Hayward to see what they have available soon. Close Feed & Supply in Hayward probably carries Manna Pro chicken grit. There is a Napa Auto Parts in Hayward that I plan on getting Floor Dry from, thought I'm not sure if I want to use it over Turface MVP due to health concerns.

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If shopping, Turface MVP can be bought at Horizon Landscaping and irrigation, Dublin; Close Feed has Dry Stall (crushed pumice) NOT TO BE confused with Stall-dry.
There is also a stone yard out in Dublin with small (3/8") lava rock in bulk; sorry, forgot the name....google can help with that,

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I was going to check out Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Products since they have some closer locations for the Turface. They have stores in Dublin, San Leandro, San Jose and Fremont as well as others.

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