Potting mix plant feeding

ajayk6June 6, 2011

I am using Miracle Gro moisture control potting mix in my container garden of peppers/tomatoes. The package says can feed for 6 months. Can I replenish my soil by adding composting ingredients (browns/greens) in small quantities on the top soil every few weeks "DIRECTLY" to my potting soil containing the plants? If so, How long can I keep doing this, as in keep replenishing my soil for reusing the soil for many years?

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

No. The material will not compost unless it's in a compost pile of at least three cubic feet. In your pot, it will just sit there interfering with drainage at best, or drawing flies and burning your plants at worst. The MG soil only has enough fertilizer in it to support a tiny houseplant for a couple months at most. You need to feed your vegetables at least every two weeks with a complete fertilizer meant for them.

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i used the same soil last year and let me tell you........NOT GOOD for me! i killed quite a few plants by over watering them! i only had to water like once every 3 weeks at times! this year i am using Sunshine growers mix#4 in 3 of my peppers, and the other 5 are in my own version of Tapla's 5-1-1 mix i used 5-6 parts bark, 1 part cactus mix, i part either sunshine growers mix/ ocean forest. it drains SO nice and dries out in a week or less. i am sure at some point this summer once the plants are in full swing i will have to water daily but that is fine with me. I have an ocean view from my balcony so its nice to pay attention to the "kids" and enjoy the view. just make sure you really pay attention to the watering. and like Ohiofem said you will have to come up with a fertilizing schedule even with the "moisture control" soil.

good luck

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