making a solar fountain

myschmoopy(Z6 NE PA)May 1, 2013

Has anyone made a solar water fountain? I have a small half circle garden under window on back patio. would like a solar fountain but everything I see is similar to birdbath in look. I want something more like a smooth flow of water down ceramic pottery. Thinking I can make my own? I have full on sun all day. I really don't know what kind of water pump is needed. Looking at a finished product 24-28" high. Below is pic of one idea for pottery. Fountain will be surrounded by echinacea.

Thanks for any help.

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myschmoopy(Z6 NE PA)

Here is a pic of the garden where I'll place the fountain.

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PKponder TX(7b)

I'll jump in with a comment on solar pumps. I doubt that you would find a solar pump with enough power (head) to get water spilling over the top of that urn without a large and not too attractive solar panel. A pondless water feature would be perfect, IMO in that area though.

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to second what pkponder said, solar powered pumps are pretty disappointing right now. We designed a water feature for a new state park visitor's center and being LEED certified, etc, they wanted us to spec solar powered pumps. What we could accomplish with (2) 220v pumps would've needed 6 solar powered pumps, and the impellers were cheap plastic that would have shredded on the first pebble that got sucked up. Needless to say, they didn't go solar.

If your goal is to be as sustainable as possible, that's very noble but impractical in this scenario. If your goal is to avoid having to pay a couple hundred bucks for an outlet install, I don't think this is the right solution. If you buy from a vendor who actually knows his products (as opposed to Internet Jim's Discount Pond Sundries), he can help you select the most efficient pump. It won't be as sustainable as solar, but a long-lasting pump drawing as little current as is reasonable is a good compromise.

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myschmoopy(Z6 NE PA)

Thank you for feedback. It's appreciated. I'm going to talk to some local folks and see if I can find anything appropriate.

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