question re: lawn grading near driveway

growingadviceMay 8, 2014

as you can see, I'm having trouble growing grass where the driveway meets the lawn. one of the problems I figure is that this particular part of the lawn, is lower than driveway. I'm thinking that the runoff from icemelt and the like isnt helping.

I'm planning on putting in a sprinkler system, so I figure I'd better doing before the sprinkler.
thinking of getting some loom to raise the height there. Not sure how far up to go, and the legth of the grade.

anything I should know about doing this? degree, hight, etc

I havent done this before. thanks

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Add some other color,plant forthia,boxwood,hydrangea,azalea,dogwood,myrtle.

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another angle in case it helps:

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The pictures do not really do a good job of illustrating that there is a grade issue. I doubt very much that a grade issue is the cause of the poor grass condition. Likely, there are cultural conditions that were not met at some time in the life of this lawn. An irrigation system will certainly help the grass that exists. But it won't magically repair the areas where grass is missing. I think your best bet is to consult a turf specialist locally and get a recommendation of the problem and what should be done.

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do you guys think lawn edging would be a good idea?

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if so, is there a type/color you'd recommend?

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If by "edging" you mean a raised masonry edging -- especially one less than 8" width, my vote would be no. If you mean a flush laid mowing strip of at least 8" width, of a good-looking masonry material impeccably installed, my vote would be yes.

If you're asking because you think that, somehow, an edging will help the grass, it won't.

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No to the edging

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