help with growing flowers in containers

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)June 6, 2013

I primarily use container gardening for growing veggies and herbs. I am wondering how many flower plants can be grown in a 10 gallon container or 24" pot.

The varieties I plan on growing are listed below...

Cosmos (spread of 12"-18" and height of 18"-24")
Marigold (dwarf variety)

sunflower (small variety that can be grown in flower pot, I'm going to guess it'll reach about 12" tall)

Bachelor's button

I could really use advice on this as the only reason I'm growing flowers is for food for pollinators. I've never grown them before and am a novice with flower gardening.

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me a novice too with flowers, but I say cram them in there and you can always pull or trim as needed but they look good crammed when the colour comes :)


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I concur with bitzppa.

I knock them out of the nursery pots and jam them in side by side (especially with annuals) as long as you water and feed enough they will be fine.

It depends on what you are intending to attract. Bees and butterflies can squeeze into some tight spots, I like to plant my hummingbird pots a little sparse, so the little dearies can get at all the blooms, not just the outside ones.

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