how much lime for raised beds?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)June 6, 2013

I have a 4' x 4' and a 4' x 8'. The 4' x 4' has 16 square feet of growing space and requires 8 cubic feet of soil; the 4' x 8' has 32 square feet of growing space and requires 22 cubic feet of soil.

How much lime should I add for the 4' x 4' bed and how much lime should I add for the 4' x 8' raised bed?

I'm assuming I should go by square feet?

I looked at the back of the bag of lime I have and it didn't help much; it recommended adding 2-1/2 to 5 lbs. per
`100 square feet; this doesn't help as I'm not anywhere close to that amount of square footage in my raised beds and it's a very broad and general measurement guideline.

Please specify how much to add in cups, gallons, qts. etc...

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it really depends on your soil that you have, best way is to get a test kit and see what the pH. of the soil is and this will give an idea of what amendments need to be made if any.

also what sort of plants you want to grow, if you are going to buy soil take the test kit with you and test before you buy, try and remember its easier to bring soil up to the pH. you want than down.

may sound complicated but its not and a test will only take minute , best to do a few tests to get a guide.

alkaline soil is a pain to get down :( and keep down.


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I'm not using the native soil. I am making my own soil mix it consists of...

Osmocote (pelleted fertilizer for container gardening; checked with the company and it can be used for raised beds as well)

topsoil (just normal topsoil) 12 gallons for 4' x 4', 24 gallons for 4' x 8'

compost 12 gallons for 4' x4', 24 for 4' x 8'
peat moss 12 gallons for 4' x 4', 24 gallons for 4' x 8'
a little pine mulch (3 gallons for 4' x 4', 6 for 4' x 8')
coarse vermiculite (9 gal. for 4' x 4', 18 for 4 ' x 8')

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

BZ already answered your? Also you asked the same question on the vegetable forum, and I gave you the same answer as BZ.

A raised bed isn't a container.

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