Fix my front yard landscaping *Pretty Please*!!!

DietitianMay 22, 2013

This is my house.... we bought it a few years ago and the landscape is BORING and a lot of the bushes are overgrown. The front of our house faces west so it gets a lot of sun from midday on. We live in NJ, zone 7a.

I want low maintenance, and I am thinking I would like ground cover as opposed to seeing tons of mulch. I would like to have some flowering and some evergreen.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Front of house

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Not enough can be seen in the single photo. Stand in the SAME PLACE you took this one (as opposed to ANY other place!) and PIVOT leftward, capturing that side of the house and yard, and another PIVOTING rightward, capturing that side. Meanwhile, here's some thoughts on your yard ...

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yaardvark thank you for your input! I will take better pics tomorrow & upload. Your suggestions so far are great and much appreciated!


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Okay, some more pics for you- click on the link below. Sorry about the lighting, sun was behind house and shining bright today ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: More Pics of my house

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These suggestions are not in lieu of the previous ones, but in addition to them. I'm suggesting here that you create a bed line that provides depth and "framing" at the flanks of the home and recedes at it approaches the central and entrance area. This leads and invites one visually toward the entrance. While I'm showing it in a perspective view to (hopefully) make it easy to grasp, you'd need to work out the actual layout in plan view. You already have a tree at the right flank. In order for there to be depth at the left flank, you need plant material in the bed that makes the bed make sense ... a tree in a bed of groundcover for example.

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