catch basins full of water

mgdliteMay 9, 2013

Just moved into a house that has three 9x9 catch basins in the back yard. They were full of water; it had been more than twenty-four hours from when I had run the sprinklers. I cleaned one, lots of mud on the bottom, and found a bunch of holes drilled into the base. I'm assuming there is gravel underneath, but I'm not sure if soil has clogged that space.
What can be done to keep the water from staying in the bottom?
I don't want mosquitoes breeding in my yard. Not sure what the previous homeowner did, the house was a foreclosure.
I'd hate to scoop water out every time I run the sprinklers or when it rains.

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Do you see any place where a 4 inch pipe drains? We found our gutters were tied into a drain which was covered by debris and clogged.

I would expect catch basins like that to be connected to drainage pipes that either empty in your yard or tie into a storm sewer. Maybe the drain pipe is clogged up.

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Sounds like a clogged up drainage system. I assume inside each catch basin was pipe going off in at least 2 directions? Or were they really just stand alone boxes? If so, that system will probably never work and I would just dig them up and get rid of them. Then if you have drainage issues bring in an engineer to get a decent plan!

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