Brand new to citrus trees and need help on a few topics!!

alexaflatooniJune 3, 2012

Hi Everyone,

A lot of great information is on this site, and I decided if anyone knew what to do it would be you!

So I have read through a few feeds and am now confused! My main issue is what soil to use? There are a few mixes that look fantastic the Al's mixes and a CHC mix. But now i am completely confused which one to use? I am stuck between Al's 7-1-1 mix(i think) and a 1-1-1 gritty mix. As well as which material is actually used in the mix, because there are so many different varieties out there now. Hope to hear from you guys soon! Oh and also which type of pot works best with citrus trees?

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Most of us planting citrus in a container are planing on fruit which will take years. We need a mix that will not breakdown and fail to drain after a year or two. Any of Al's mixes will work well. The gritty mix will be the longest lasting. It will also require the most frequent water and fertilizer attention. Are you willing to take the responsibility? We see a lot of container planted citrus here that are being starved, and generally neglected. Most of us use a 18 to 24 inch clay container which provides a lot of stability. If you use the gritty mix the weight of the mix alone provides much stability. Al

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